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Sep 18th

New Research Show Positive Effects of Cannabis on Cancer Treatment

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The vast benefits of medicinal marijuana have been confirmed in multiple medical and scientific studies, including for the treatment of cancer. At Delta 9 collective in Van Nuys, we believe in these studies. And yet, despite this research, some doctors have been hesitant to acknowledge the medical benefits of medicinal pot. CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta was one such health expert who until recently was vocally against medical marijuana. He changes his mind and position however, after working on a documentary called “Weed.” In the documentary, which aired last month on CNN, Dr. Gupta touched on some positive studies (all in the early stages) on the effects of cannabis that found that the cannabinoids—such as CBD—in marijuana have the ability to destroy cancer cells. Some are now looking at it as a possible cure for cancer.


The good news for patients is that cannabis is becoming legal in more and more states—20 plus the District of Columbia at last count—and more are expected to follow suit. These states are listening to the growing body of scientific research on medical marijuana that shows its numerous benefits on a range of health conditions from cancer to seizures. Delta 9 collective in Van Nuys is one such responsible establishment that provides a variety of high quality medicines to patients looking to achieve results for a number of medical conditions, including cancer. Delta 9 collective, which has served the community since 2006, offers medical marijuana in a wide variety of forms. We pride ourselves on great customer service and will go the extra mile to find the right medicine for our customers. Our knowledgeable staff is known for its attention to detail and approachability. We’re here to serve you for all your medical marijuana needs.


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Watch Dr. Gupta discuss treating cancer with marijuana in the video below: