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Know the Law: FAQ

Jan 3rd

Know the Law: FAQ

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This section is designed to help patients find quick answers to their questions.  It is currently under development and we expect more question and answers to be added in time.

Q. As a patient, where am I allowed to smoke cannabis?

A. There are different rules depending on where you are. In public,
you can smoke anywhere cigarettes are permitted, EXCEPT near parks,
schools, and in a vehicle. In private establishments, such as bars
and restaurants, the owners make the rules… check with them first.

Q. Do I have to show a police officer my recommendation?

A. No you do not have to show an officer your recommendation to be
protected in court. If the officer has already found your meds
showing your recommendation is a good idea.

Q. How much cannabis can I legally possess as a patient?

A. Unfortunately there are no specific rules for the amount of
cannabis a patient can legally possess. The technical answer is
an amount reasonably related to a patient’s needs. In other words,
the more serious your illness, the more marijuana you can possess.
The original standards for possession included 6 mature plants or
12 immature plants, and up to 8 ounces of dried cannabis.

Q. Is having a pipe illegal?

A. No. Under the law, a pipe is not contraband and you cannot be
arrested or cited for a ticket solely based on the possession of a pipe.