Delta 9 Collective Location

Van Nuys CollectiveLet’s face it: getting around the city of Los Angeles can be a major pain. The sprawled out nature of the city means that those of us without a car are at the mercy of L.A.’s public transportation system. But buses can take forever to get you from Point A to Point B, and cabs and related services can be expensive. If you’re in need of medical marijuana, you may not have the time or extra money to spend to pick up your prescription. But fear not. Delta 9 Collective is conveniently located by a Metrolink/Amtrak station, making it an easily accessible destination for patients and a great choice for those relying on L.A.’s public transportation system.

As anyone without a car in L.A. can attest, one of the most time and cost-efficient ways to get around L.A. is by train. The underground and above-ground commuter train system is a proven and reliable form of transportation for many in the city. And with lines being expanded and new stations popping up, it’s becoming even more and more convenient for commuters. Delta 9 Collective is located within walking distance–literally minutes away–from the Metrolink/Amtrak station located at 7720 Van Nuys Blvd. Plus, with service running daily, you’ll be able to pick up your medication any day of the week.

But great location isn’t the only reason you should trust Delta 9 Collective for your medicinal pot needs. Delta 9 Collective is a full service medical marijuana dispensary that helps our patients treat a wide variety of illnesses. Our caring and professional staff can help you pick out the right strain of cannabis in your preferred form. So whether you want to smoke, inhale, or eat it, you’ll be sure you get the medication that’s perfect for you.

Great location and great service—what more can you ask for?