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Quality, Compasion, Knowledge, And Just The Best

Feb 02, 2015 by tre_93543

I have been a patient of Delta 9 for about 5 months now, along with my wife and son. Where do I start? I have visited many other collectives in So. Cal., but Delta 9 is BY FAR my favorite collective. The meds here are top quality, matching or surpassing the quality of other collectives top shelf meds. The consistency of having the same quality strains on every visit I make always puts a smile on my face. Do not ever worry about getting dry bud here, the buds are always cured to perfection, ending in a slow, smooth, tasty smoke.
Every one who works at Delta 9 from the security guard to the bud tenders and not to mention Mr. Stoops (Delta 9’s bad ass security dog) are always awesome. Jose (security) is always friendly, greeting every time I see him with a big smile, and has always remembered my family at first sight. This also applies to the Bud Tenders. They understand the need for Medical Marijuana, and actually give a damn about what ails you. They are very knowledgeable of the buds that they carry and have always been spot on when they tell me how each strain will treat me. I have tried maybe 20 strands of buds here, 4 or 5 concentrates, and many edibles, and are very satisfied with them all. We got a vaporizer from them some time ago, and when we were being showed how to work it, I guess one of the little rubber feet fell off at the collective. We did not know that this was missing until our next visit a month later, when as soon as we walked in, we were remembered and handed a bag with the foot that we did not even know was missing. It was a very minor thing, but for them to find it, save it for us, and remember us so quickly show that they really care.
We drive about 1 1/2 hours to get there sometimes 2 to 3 times a month even though we have local collectives that we could go to. These other collectives just don’t stack up. If you want a collective that is here for all the right reasons, and care about what you are putting in your body, then check these guys out. I am confident that they will hook you up right.
PS. Some of my favorites are:
there house strain Delta 9 (tasty and sleepy)
blueberry (VERY NICE, and long lasting)
Black Cherry Soda (beautiful flavor, and a sneak up on you buzz)
Green Ribbon (a hybrid of 2 of my least fav., but these are 2 buds that together have found a place in my heart)


Feb 02, 2015 by adubveedub

Fellow patients, I just wanted to make it known, that Delta 9 is the best collective around. Not only is all of their medicine HIGH quality and their staff is amazing, the prices are right as well. D9 has been my home spot for a while and I dont see it changing anytime soon. On my most recent visit to D9 I picked up some medicine along with a nice sherlock/hammer style hot hit pipe. Long story short, when I lef i realized I needed gas money that I didn’t have.

That being said I called d9 to return the pipe and they said no problem. Upon entering the building, Jose pulled his own wallet out, handed me gas money, and told me to keep the pipe. I was speechless. I just stood there like… really? Jose insisted that I didn’t need to return the pipe and just get him back next time. I still don’t believe it. I cannot thank you guys enough for everything you guys do. #1 club all around especially in the compassion department where it really counts. (To me atleast)

If Delta 9 isn’t your home club yet, make it that way. You wont regret it. 5 stars all around to the shop and whole crew. For real compassion and quality, head to D9. THANK YOU !

Feb 01, 2015 by yarb1

I’ve been here a few times now and am ready to make this my regular place. The Delta 9 budder is the most potent I’ve found so far. I buy it by the 8th which saves $5 and yes I get 7 1/2g’s. I don’t mind as the D9 budder is real easy to work with. I’ve been useing my concentrate budget at delta 9, but I am thinking of using some of my monthly flower budget there as well as they got some good looking stuff but I had plenty of flowers at the time.

Jan 28, 2015 by Josef

Great prices and service! I was so excited pulling up to this place as it’s a very beautiful facility. As you enter you are greeted by the nicest security guard and then you are allowed in the bud room. The variety of medicines is great and they always like to chat and help you to get the best meeds for your exact needs, I love coming here thanks Delta 9!

Jan 27, 2015 by Brady C.

I recently moved to Panorama City, Ca. So naturally I had to find a new cannabis dispensary. Delta 9 has plenty of strains, Fresh Buds and killer edibles. They weigh your flowers right in front of you. A cool and knowledgeable staff. Also they give breaks on weight. Jose, the security guard is way cool too. I reccomend those of you who medicate with Cannabis go check them out. -Brady

Jan 22, 2015 by Erin D.

It was my first time going to Delta 9… very friendly and helpful staff, hassle free registration for new comers. Great selection of meds, they seem to have daily specials on 1/8ths and have good perks for loyal customers. Prices are great, too! And if you’re looking to cook with cannabis, they have oils and butters 🙂

Jan 21, 2015 by Chris W.

Best shop in the Valley! The staff is always very welcoming and friendly, also very helpful. They have a great selection and great prices! Collect 7 receipts from visits for a free gram or free T-Shirt! Big thanks to Al and Nick who usually help me when I am there, great people!

Jan 20, 2015 by Gabriel R.

Now that I come here so often it’s rare when they can surprise me with a new and amazing strain or concentrate since I’ve either smoked them all or just have been wowed and amazed by so many stunning things before here that it’s rare to find that one special strain.

Well this last time I came in they sure surprised me with two real works of art. I asked them what was the freshest batch of top shelf meds they had and they showed me the True OG & Diablo OG. Both were cured and trimmed to perfection; you could still smell that fresh new bud scent.
I immediately got an 8th of both and took them home to try.

The True OG has a thick robust citrusy scent with a flavor to follow up, it’s smooth going down but leaves a sedating strong couch lock feel after exhaling; as it later evolves into a more functional and workable high I was able to manage to get up and pack the second bowl.
Diablo OG- A very dense and vibrant lime green buds that look as if they were dipped in keif as they glisten against the sun light. The buds fight back as your breaking them up showing good density and it’s sticky interior texture. The smoke was almost just as fun as looking at this bud and playing around with it, wait who am I kidding it was far better smoking. Smooth going down it induces very fast acting relief that you feel instantly. Strong enough to give you a strong appetite, great if you’re on pharmaceuticals that suppress hunger.

Two truly beautiful strain I was very content, can’t wait for my next surprise at D9! I’ll see you all soon peace&pot/Happy Holidays!

Jan 19, 2015 by Cor L.

AMAZING! I heard about this dispensary from Nug News. I never have been to a dispensary where not only are the staff nice to you, but the security guard is the best guy ever! the quality is so good and fresh. I don’t feel like the staff is just trying to take my money, they really want me to have the best medication. Also their T-shirts are awesome!

Delta 9 Collective 8189971003 7648 Van Nuys Blvd. Van Nuys CA, 91406 USA 5.0 5.0 19 19 This is my go to shop, love the meds and the staff!