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Best Shop Hands Down

Jul 24, 2015 by Danny

This is my go to shop, love the meds and the staff!

Always Great

Jul 11, 2015 by Tim Edwards

It had been almost a year since I visited D9. I was very happy to see that almost nothing has changed. Same great buds that were there before, plus some newer strains. The service is still top notch. I have been to many dispensaries from Kern County, The Antelope Valley, and all over Los Angeles. D9 in my opinion is the best hands down. Worth the 1 hr plus drive there, even though I have several dispensaries within a few miles that I could go to. Thanks for being yourselves, Stoops also.

Just Got Home and i had to post! Love my Nugs!

Jun 29, 2015 by john

Just got home from delta nine this place was great! More selection of buds then i have ever seen at a club. I saw over 50 strains with my own 2 eyes.. I went with the White Widow for day time and some King kush for sleep time. See you guys next week!

Great shop!

Jun 26, 2015 by Herd

This place is nothing short of amazing. I felt like a kid in a candy store! It is by far one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve had anywhere. Their service is top notch, always making you feel welcomed and wanted. These guys are professional and down to earth. The menu is exceptional and really creates an overall experience worthy of loyalty! Will definitely be referring and returning!

Alien OG with over 26% thc @45 an 1/8 cant lose!

Jun 02, 2015 by JayC

Delta 9 collective is like a second home to me. I have been going here for over a year now. Great location with tons of different strains, the Alien OG is what i got today. Alien OG with over 26% thc @45 an 1/8 cant lose!
Thanks Guys!

distance and rewards

May 04, 2015 by chris c

i have a total of 15 differnt shops from my house to d9 and have never even thought of stoping went to d9 for the first time and they got me amazing staff awsome meds ill drive the 30 min everytime and so should you all you need is one time and you’ll be glad you did

Very professional and friendly

May 01, 2015 by jekatzphoto

Just became a patient here at D9. Picked up Green crack and Sour grape (was recommended this one for my free first-time gram {donate 40}). I definitely recommend this place to the sativa smoker because of the overall selection and bud quality. You would never think that sativa requires more to medicate after picking up here. Sour grape however was also a great mid. Very friendly staff, and you have to love the dog. Delta 9 appears to take compliance more seriously than most collectives so I plan to come back.

Still A Good Spot … after all these years

Apr 05, 2015 by s4boxer

Stopped by good ole D9 a couple of days ago…Greeted by jose and the staff…everyone is very kickback cool, no dramma, no attitudes.

Renewed my memebrship and off i went to the green room…

I particularly came by after seeing the Skywalker melt pic on the website and also the Blackcherry soda that i missed out on a few months ago.
Skywalker melt was as advertised, basically a full melt for a donation of 25/g….good deal! The hash was incredibly melty and bubbly with a sweet and sour flavor with a strong head kick. The body follows shortly after and in no time u are fully medicated.

The Blackcherry Soda is one sexy looking biaatchh of a flower. Deep purplish hues contrasted by a thick layer of sugar rolled crystals, create some beautiful nugs that are manicured well and dried properly. The scent is a floral bouquet of the freshest variety with hints of spice coming through. The flavor is very sweet and the smoke is smooth and rich.
The effects are leaning more towards a cerebral sativa but also gives a relaxing, sedative body high. Good day time med here…just dont over do it cuz it nots weak by any means.

Prior to coming out i PM’ed D9 to make sure th melt was in. After replying that yes it is in fact available, the gentleman followed with another email letting me know to grab a t shirt when im there. Funny thing was when i was grabbing my meds, one of the guys come sout and tells the BT serving me that a guy who asked abt the Skywalker will be coming in shortly and to give him a t shirt…Needless to say i smiled and let him know i am the guy he who he is speaking of…funny coincidence.

All things concidered i had agreat experience at D9. I also spotted some D9 Og that was just sublime. Unfortunately i did not have the proper funds with me. There was also some nice Blueberry bubble hash and a few budder options.
Great club to frequent imho…will be back soon… 🙂

Great shop!!!!!

Apr 04, 2015 by DarkMiasma

I’ve been a patient of this collective for about 2 years now and I’ve never gotten tired of going. The Staff that works here are real kick back, down to earth guys that don’t mind spending a bit of their time explaining how the meds got tested or even asking you how everything is going. Bud, Hash, and Edibles are extraordinary here you wont be disappointed. I recommend Delta 9 og or Stoops og, regardless of your choice im sure youll come out satisfied. Whether im playing an epic game of rock, paper, scissors with the staff debating which of two strains I should take home or having compliments about my Black Dahlia Murder shirts from staff, I always tend to leave with a smile on my face. I hope all you first timers have a great experience being part of this collective as i have

Apr 03, 2015 by KushMunkee

The D9 is a wonderful place to visit. The room was large, well lit and smelled delicious. The herb was well stocked – a great variety – and their edibles were many and all looking delicious. The staff was most helpful. I was looking to start baking and wanted to make cannabutter with something other than bud. Kief was the answer, even after he explained why hash wasn’t a good choice. I’m making a batch of cookies with 3 grams of chocolote kief. I’ll let you know the results… Truly impressed with their selection, knowledge and shop. A must visit.

Delta 9 Collective 8189971003 7648 Van Nuys Blvd. Van Nuys CA, 91406 USA 5.0 5.0 19 19 This is my go to shop, love the meds and the staff!